Building web sites for Mobile users & Product Demos

Continuing the format from last time we will have a talk and a demo in this month’s MoMo.The topic of discussion this time is “Building websites for Mobile users” led by M.T Ragunath of Google India.


Abstract of the topic
There are several different types of mobile phones in use around the world. Phones differ widely in terms of their capabilities such as screen size, supported content types, supported markup, etc. Many of the features such as rich graphics, and complex scripts, that work well on desktop browsers are often unsuitable for mobile handsets.
Designing a web site for mobile users requires site designers to keep things simple, and to follow certain practices so that the sites are accessible to a broad range of mobile devices. Badly designed mobile web sites result in a poor experience for end users.In this discussion some of these issues would be discussed by working through some examples of how to design web pages so that they work better on mobile phones.

About the Speaker
M. T. Raghunath has been with Google since Jan 2006 and has been working in the area of Mobile Search and Mobile Ads. Earlier he was a Research Staff Member at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, where he was part of the team that built the first Bluetooth connected wristwatch computer running Linux and X11. Raghunath has a B.Tech from IIT Madras and a Ph.D in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley. Raghunath is interested in building innovative solutions for enabling access to information on a wider scale.

The talk will be followed by a demo on “Mobile Application Platform” by Mango Technologies.

What: MoMo Bangalore March 2007, (Building website for mobile users & Product Demo)

When: 26th Mar 2007, 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm (talk )
7.30 - 8.00 pm (demo)
8.00 - 8.30 ( networking & snacks)

Where: CKS Consulting,
4004, 100 Ft. Road, HAL 2nd Stage,
Bangalore- 560 038, INDIA
V: 91 80 41254373
F: 91 80 25350181

Directions : here

Who: Anybody interested in Mobiles

Cost: Free (registration required though)

Venue Sponsor: CKS

Snacks Sponsor: SVB India Advisors Pvt. Ltd

Register here

13 Responses to “Building web sites for Mobile users & Product Demos”

  1. Harish Babu Says:

    Not sure where to register, leaving a comment.

    Is the event scheduled for 26th March 2007?

  2. Umesh Says:

    Where can i register for the event?

  3. Rajan Says:

    Umesh & Harish
    You can register here ,

    Yes the date is 26th Mar 2007. also fixed the post.


  4. Arjun Bala Says:

    i have filled the online registration form, but not yet received a confirmation email.

  5. Rajan Says:

    Responses are sent manually and are done in a batch, will send you confirmaiton by tommorow.


  6. The Mobile Phone Man Says:

    Thanks for this information as this is a new area from many including me

  7. altaf Says:

    wanted to know more about this as it came to my notice today only

  8. Postman Says:

    Building web sites for Mobile users is a kind of new niche for developers. To bad there are no seminars in Holland.

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