Videos of Feb Event

Thanks to Manjula Sridhar.

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  1. WirelessDuniya » Blog Archive » Videos: Momo Bangalore event on 24th Feb 2007 Says:

    […] Source: Mobile Monday Bangalore […]

  2. Sidhartha Bezbora Says:

    Gr8 videos. ood inititaive to start demos and give opportunities to budding entrepreneures to show thr innovative products.

  3. Piyush Gupta Says:

    Spectacular, I know this word doesn’t fit the context but thats what it seems from an outsider’s perspective.

    Couldn’t catch up with the events due to temporary relocation but to see the progress back in MoMo Bangalore is indeed motivating.

    Am sure any NRII (Not Residing In India) techie will have their jaws dropped to see such enthusiasm in India.

  4. Jonna Says:

    Just wondering how to become involved with MOMO Bangalore!

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