Pics and Presentation

We had a very pretty well attended MoMo meet yesterday in Bangalore. Around 30 people turned up even though the event was announced at the last moment and it had started drizzling around 6 in the evening. The CKS Consulting’s Office was a perfect setting for an informal get-together and networking session.

Rishit gave a great presentation on Mobile VAS Scenario. He covered several aspects of Mobile VAS including the types of content, value chain, market numbers and barriers to entry from the Indian perspective. He drew on his own vast experience and shared with us some insightful thoughts on the Industry. It turned out to be a very interactive session with everybody participating with their own perspectives. The presentation can be accessed here (ppt file).

The pics taken during the discussion can be found here.

Once again a big thanks to CKS for providing us the venue and support, and to Rishit for taking time off to share his experience, and to OnMobile for the sponsoring the snacks.

The next event would be held 25th September. We are looking at various options for venue and speakers. Hope to see everybody there again.

7 Responses to “Pics and Presentation”

  1. Prashant Subhedar Says:


    Nice shots, but you forgot to include our host Aditya of CKS :-( .

  2. Rajiv Says:

    ya. i even forgot to take the pics of people socialising.

  3. Anupriya Says:

    Hey … Ths discussion seems to have gonne very well!!

    I was not a part of the Mo Mo August meeting in Bangalore….
    Can I lay my hands on the presentations ?

    Look forward to the September meeting though..


  4. Rajiv Says:

  5. Anupriya Says:

    Thanks Rajiv :)

  6. Rajan Says:

    @Anupriya & @Prashant

    I tried recording a video from my n70 but after 40 minutes the battery gave up and lost the entire presentation conversation plus:(, Or else I would have uploaded it. Will try mp3/amr alone next time hopefully that should devour less battery power and we will have the recording

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